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Podporte LOGOS TV

Practical help of supporters is very important to spread the mission of this project. Help us to make the content of this media project widely available and find new hearts that need spiritual food and are willing to be led by Jesus..


1. Raise awareness of the LOGOS media project. Become our ally. We stand for every of your    comments. Together we can do better in spreading of the good name of this project among      believers.

2. Share the LOGOS TV posts and media on social networks.

3. Subscribe to our LOGOS TV YouTube channel and contribute to higher attendance on LOGOS     homepage, where you can find all the project information.

4. Buy thematic objects to increase awareness of LOGOS TV and expand its audience.

5. Send us suggestions and proposals for new reports.

6. Send us your feedback. We are here for you and we are working for you. We care about your      opinion. Take advantage of your social network, email address, or our youtube channel.

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